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Cowboy In The Rain

Here is one of my favorite peaces that I have drawn recently. It reminds me of the tenacity it takes working until the jobs done regardless of your surroundings.  Pressing forward through it all just to have the satisfaction of knowing all that you accomplished that day. 

Here is a poem that my daughter wrote in response to this piece. 


Cowboy In The Rain

Walking through the rain 
and I can feel the drain
Working through the storm took a strain. 

My body is tired 
but my soul is fired
I can’t deny, the work of today was inspired 

Even though my skin is cold 
and my bones are old 
I can look at the day proud and Bold 

The work I did today
I’d do it everyday 
Work hard, play hard, it’s just the cowboy way
-Mattie Williamson



Print is available to purchase here

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